Boutel Orchard 不得了 芭场

Paying Campsite
Boutel Orchard 不得了 芭场
Boutel Orchard 不得了 芭场
Boutel Orchard 不得了 芭场
Boutel Orchard 不得了 芭场
Boutel Orchard 不得了 芭场

Boutel Orchard is a durian orchard with vacation rentals to offer. we have cabin, treehouse n honeycomb pods for you to choose from. you may also opt to camp, we have one unique bird nest for you to camp in.

This is a 5 acre durian orchard that I have just recently took over. I am turning it into a permaculture retreat. No pesticides nor chemical fertiliser will be used, only organic matters will be use. Thus, I am also rearing chickens to help fertilize the land.

Currently, I have wwoofers coming over to assist me in setting up the orchard in the permaculture way. If you can help, do not hesitate to drop me a line.

More cabins will be built to allow guests to indulge in this awesome orchard. You can wake up to a nice view with cool air. There is a river to dip into during the hot day. At night, there are plenty of fireflies to watch at, it is also a good spot to star gaze too.

Currently there are 2 types of accommodation available: Cube Cabin & Honeycomb Pod.

The cabin sleeps 2+2, with attached bathroom, pantry & dinning area.

The pod also sleeps 2+2, but not as big, more like a camping style.


Cube Cabin: RM299/night

  • Honeycomb Pod: RM149/night
  • treehouse: rm249/night
  • campsite: rm50/head/night
  • birdnest: rm168/night


please Whatsapp 0166613178 for latest prices

Camping Type
Pet Friendly
Contact Information
Boutel Orchard, Kampung Baharu Teras, Raub District, Pahang, Malaysia

Disclaimer: The information on this page is for reference only. Please contact Boutel Orchard 不得了 芭场 directly for further information.

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